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Proven Digital Marketing Solutions

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you want your marketing to get you sales and website traffic. (60% of Marketers say that SALES are KING.) Our digital marketing solutions as an integrated marketing agency will help you increase both revenue and visibility.

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Digital Marketing Solutions that are Straightforward and Results-Driven

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Marketing Strategy

Whether you are an author, real estate agent, or own a local business, online marketing levels the playing field between you and the influencer getting more attention. We focus on STREAMLINED, holistic, strategies to help you WIN.

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Pocasting Services

Tiffany has been podcasting since 2017 and has mastered efficient ways to meet the right people and turn guests and listeners into clients and collaborators! Book a strategy call to see how she can help you do the same.

Grow from the Digital Marketing Solutions in Place

CRM + Marketing + Sales Software

The OMH Agency team has one-click marketing automation, sales pipelines, and campaign templates inside the ConvertDash platform to help you start growing your business NEXT WEEK! It’s built on top of the most innovative integrated marketing and sales platform, HighLevel.

We Use the ConvertDash Integrated Marketing to Sales Platform to Manage Podcast Guests, and They Say, “You Made it Very, Very Easy”

Tom Schwab, Interview Valet

If you’re serious about your guests, show them (without breaking the bank or getting overwhelmed). They get confirmation emails, tips on how to look and sound great, how to get the most out of the promotional opportunity, notification when the show comes out, and a link to media that they can use. How does all this magic happen? ConvertDash with our PROVEN “Get the Best Guests on Auto-Pilot” system loaded onto it.

“It was great! Your intake portal is very very impressive really neat so before we even got to meet each other you gave me confidence that this was going to be professional. That this wasn’t going to be a waste of my time. I knew that you were serious about this.” – Ashley Chaney, Producer + Host + Speaker

We Know Podcasting. Check Out Guests from Our “Hot Seat” Series Featuring Influential Podcast Hosts.

You get a lot of insight into our approach to content marketing, especially using podcasting as source content, on the “Hot Seat” series of our podcast, Next Up Nation. Here are some of the experienced podcasters we were able to help on the show.

The Best Digital Marketing Solutions to Fit Your Ambition + Budget

  • CRM + Meetup Leader Automation

CRM + Meetup/Event Attendee Management ($97/month)

Whether you manage a Real Estate Meetup Group, run events, or need a “link in bio” solution for your social media that you have more control over, you can get that PLUS access to the ConvertDash CRM platform.

  • CRM + Advanced Bookings Automations

Full CRM and Signature Templates ($297/month)

Get everything in the Starter CRM, plus advanced booking that is great for one day that you want to book back to back and a show rate better than 80%. We also throw in a customized Link website, perfect for the “link in bio” on social media.

  • Full Customizable CRM + Influencer Suite

Get the CRM Full Marketing and Sales Suite! ($497/month)

The full suite will transform your business with marketing campaigns, sales pipeline management, booking automation for your entire team, email campaigns, and even Podcasting on Auto-Pilot. Check out the demo!

Launching my podcast with the Podcast Ignition System and Tiffany was such a huge help…. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her! I had no idea how much goes into creating and publishing a podcast strategically. You have to focus on creating an amazing guest experience, understand podcast structure, show art, production tools, training an assistant, and so much more. I’ll admit, I was a little overwhelmed even with her help so I can’t imagine what it’s like without someone who knows their stuff. If you’re thinking of launching a podcast and want to do it right…. Tiffany is your person!
Josh Jurkovich

Minister to Millions – Business of Ministry Podcast

Podcast Strategy Expert and Mentor Tiffany Youngren

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Digital Marketing Solutions Trusted by Up and Coming Podcasters

FAQ’s / Question & Answer

What Digital Marketing Packages do You Offer?2022-03-28T23:59:17+00:00

Marketing Packages

CRM + Automation for Integrated Marketing and Sales (ConvertDash)

There are 3 Levels:

  • Starter: Meetup / Events on Autopilot + Funnel Templates for Leaders
  • Professional: Everything in Starter + Advanced Pages and Automations
  • Scale+: Full use of the Entire Platform + Access to Add Funnels and Automations Specific to YOUR Industry!

Every Level Gets Amazing Access:

  • An App to make Phone Calls and Texts from the Company Number
  • Facebook and Instagram Messenger Integration
  • Booking System
  • Funnel Builder
  • Email Marketing
  • Text Marketing

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Strategy Mapping and Advising

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Podcast Services

  • Coaching: $550 / Month
  • Coaching + Weekly Podcast Marketing: $2500 / Month

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What Podcast Services Do You Offer?2022-03-28T23:55:36+00:00

Podcast Services

Set up a call with our team if you’d like any of our Podcast Host OR Guest Services.

Podcast HostMaster for Podcasters(built on ConvertDash)

  • Setup Cost Varies
  • Pay $497 / month for Scale+
  • If You Already Subscribe to ConvertDash Scale+, Your Monthly Cost Stays the Same!

Podcast GuestMaster for Guests on Other People’s Shows (built on ConvertDash)

  • Setup Cost Varies
  • Pay $497 / month for Scale+
  • If You Already Subscribe to ConvertDash Scale+, Your Monthly Cost Stays the Same!

Coaching / Consulting

  • Starts at $550/month

Coaching / Consulting PLUS Weekly Content Marketing

  • $2500 / month Includes Standard Coaching Program
Do You Provide Coaching or Training?2022-03-29T00:02:43+00:00

Coaching and Training

We provide ConvertDash training via video and a 24-hour helpdesk is provided.

Strategy Coaching / Advising / Mapping services are available.

Book a consultation to get all of your questions answered.

Are There Monthly Contracts?2022-03-29T00:05:28+00:00

No Monthly Contracts

You are not locked into a monthly contract.

You DO have the option to save money and pay for the year in full.

Whether you pay monthly or annually, you can cancel at the end of the period of time for which you are paid up.

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