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Get the Best Podcast Guests on Autopilot2021-07-31T09:04:57+00:00

How to Get the Best Podcast Guests

This proven platform does the work of a part-time assistant and saves more than $800 / month in the piece mealed software that it replaces.

  • No More No-Shows (Very Rare)

  • No More Forgetting Follow Up

  • No More Huge Guest Outreach PR Budgets

  • Attract the Best Podcast Guests

  • Get More Episode Promotion from Your Guests

  • Do About 15 Minutes Prep and Show Up for the Interview!

Get the Best Podcast Guests - on Autopilot

See how it works, why it works, and how it could change the trajectory of your podcast!

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A Few of the Podcasts We’ve Helped on the Hot Seat

“You Made it Very, Very Easy”

Tom Schwab, Interview Valet

If you’re serious about your guests, show them (without breaking the bank or getting overwhelmed). They get confirmation emails, tips on how to look and sound great, how to get the most out of the promotional opportunity, notification when the show comes out, and a link to media that they can use. How does all this magic happen? ConvertDash with our PROVEN “Get the Best Guests on Auto-Pilot” system loaded onto it.

“It was great! Your intake portal is very very impressive really neat so before we even got to meet each other you gave me confidence that this was going to be professional. That this wasn’t going to be a waste of my time. I knew that you were serious about this.” – Ashley Chaney, Producer + Host + Speaker

  • Loyal Collaborators

Relationships are the #1 Benefit

If you already have guests on your show, you know exactly what we mean. The relationships you build with your podcast guests is the #1 benefit to having a show. If you haven’t seen that to be true – this system will show you that power.

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  • Business Collaborations

The Highest Podcast Profitability

Collaborations with your podcast guests is the most effective way to build bigger profits much sooner with synergy that can mean more revenue for both you and your guest – all while creating an even better show for your listeners!

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  • Get Guests to Show Up Now and Promote Later

Accelerate Your Audience Growth

How many times have you complained that your guests don’t promote your show after the interview? Well, you can kiss that complaint good-bye! Great communication and access to media will make it easy for them to do, and they’ll be happy to do it.

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Launching my podcast with the Podcast Ignition System and Tiffany was such a huge help…. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her! I had no idea how much goes into creating and publishing a podcast strategically. You have to focus on creating an amazing guest experience, understand podcast structure, show art, production tools, training an assistant, and so much more. I’ll admit, I was a little overwhelmed even with her help so I can’t imagine what it’s like without someone who knows their stuff. If you’re thinking of launching a podcast and want to do it right…. Tiffany is your person!
Josh Jurkovich

Minster to Millions – Business of Ministry Podcast

Podcast Strategy Expert and Mentor Tiffany Youngren

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FAQ’s / Question & Answer

What Services Do You Offer?2021-07-26T21:55:40+00:00

We have a proven platform to attract and manage guests. Attract them by adding your ideal guests as a contact, then the CRM portion will handle the outreach and let you know when a call is needed. We also give you links to our favorite, free, “Need a Guest” advertising platforms to send guests to your qualifying form and booking system – all baked right in! The platform, called ConvertDash, sends the guests reminders, promotional and setup tips, and other helpful information to make sure they show up and promote your show!

You can save more than $800 / month by using ConvertDash, especially when you move your marketing to it. It provides a CRM, forms, landing page with funnels, booking calendar, automations, texting, voicemail drops, email campaigns, website chat bubble, and even integrates into your Facebook, Instagram, AND Google My Business messaging!

Are you worried it’s too expensive? Don’t be! We load this powerful platform up with our proprietary, proven tools to get the Best Guests on Auto-Pilot. This system saves us thousands in PR outreach and does the work of a parttime assistant, and it is just $497 per month (plus setup – unless you pay annually, in which case, the setup is included!)

When I Sign Up to Work with You, What is the Process?2021-07-26T20:17:36+00:00

Step 1: Sign up for one year and get set up for free, or pay for setup and continue on a month-to-month basis.

Optional: 9/1 Challenge – When you start with our 10-Day challenge to get 9 Collaborators Guests and 1 Rock Star Guest, you get a FREE 14 DAY TRIAL of the system. There is the cost to participating in the challenge, which covers the cost of prizes and setup. We’re pretty convinced that you’ll love the system, so we don’t make much on this part of it. If you pay for and commit to the Best Guests on Auto-Pilot system for a full year upfront, there is just a small fee to join the challenge

Step 2: Setup We want to get you set up right away, so be sure to make decisions quickly and be responsive to your rep so you’re up and running in just a few days. Setup includes things like connecting your calendar, setting up the SMS and dialer, inputting your customizations, and integrating your email domain.

Step 3: Put Guesting on Auto-Pilot! This is the least expensive and most reliable assistant you’ll ever hire. Whether you add names to your prospective guest list for active outreach, or if your guests are coming to your site and booking without any effort at all from you, you’ll do minimal tasks to support successful bookings and enjoy watching your calendar fill up!

Do You Provide Coaching or Training?2021-07-26T20:17:57+00:00

During the CHALLENGE: Tiffany Youngren does a Kick-Off training and personally answers questions every day through an online platform.

After the Challenge: We want your success, and we are here to help make that happen.

  1. Our customer service team can answer any questions about your platform, and there is an online support database.
  2. Tiffany posts a ton of advice and videos on the OMH Agency YouTube and social channels. Watch, learn, and ask questions 🙂
  3. Tiffany invites all podcasters in the OMH Agency circle to be part of her Social Audio Sessions. Watch for emails and online announcements to get special access as a co-moderator or to be “brought on stage” to ask questions.
  4. On occasion, Tiffany runs masterminds – watch for announcements.
  5. If you want more personalized, one-on-one help, you can request to join her Inner Circle (limited).
Will Standard Setup be Enough for My Show?2021-07-26T21:56:07+00:00

Standard Setup is enough to get you rolling very well. It sets you up with the features your podcast needs.

  • A New ConvertDash Account with Access to Everything Except Your Own Membership Platform
  • The Standard Landing Page with Your Podcast’s Name on it and Link to It
  • Email, Text, and Call Campaigns for Every Stage of Communication with Your Guest – Customized with Your Contact and Show Info (with more than 30 email templates)
  • 1 Google Calendar Integration to Coordinate Your Schedule
  • Pipeline, Workflows, Automations, and Custom Values Set to Your Show
  • Twilio integration for up to $10 per month Credits for Calls and Two-way Texts
  • Google My Business Messaging
  • Web Chat Install
  • Reputation Management
  • Facebook Integration
  • Missed Call Text Back Campaign
  • Text to Pay
  • Tech Setup Call with Support Rep
  • For a Single Podcast Only

NOTE: You can choose to add upgrades and more customizations. Just let us know and we can set up a time to discuss the next steps.

I’d Like to Use the Funnels, Texting, Emails, CRM, Booking Calendar, Etc. for the Rest of My Marketing – Can I?2021-07-26T22:23:25+00:00

YES! This is the magic of this whole system. Whether you want to you any or every feature of ConvertDash for your own business – or if you want to add other marketing features that we have available to us – the account that we set up for you is ALL YOURS!

Do You Work with Booking Agencies?2021-07-26T22:28:40+00:00

YES! If you book guests for podcasts, we have a special offer for you so you can set up multiple podcasts and manage them all. We use GoHighLevel, and as long as we are listed as the affiliate on your HighLevel SaaS account, you can re-sell our snapshot to your own clients either on a case-by-case basis or for a low monthly access fee. Schedule a consultation if you’re interested.

Are There Monthly Contracts?2021-07-26T21:35:19+00:00

Option 1: No contract – after paying for setup ($997 for Standard Setup plus Optional Customizations and Upgrades), then pay month to month at $497 / month.

Option 2: 1 Year Pre-Paid Commitment – you have access to the full platform for 1 full year for $5,964 – and Standard Setup is included!

Either way, you save more than $800 by piece-mealing individual software to do what ConvertDash does! Plus, you’ll save thousands on PR services to consistently attract and WOW the best podcast guests.

Happy Podcast Guests Means More Listeners

Get Podcast Guests to Promote Your Show

“I loved it. I thought it was awesome. I liked the text messaging. I liked the setup.”

Keven Hempel

Marketer, Podcaster

Unlike Alpacas - The Best Podcast Guests Aren't Shy

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