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Proven Digital Marketing Solutions for More Sales2022-01-25T18:58:15+00:00

Proven Digital Marketing Solutions

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you want your marketing to get you sales and website traffic. (60% of Marketers say that SALES are KING.) Our digital marketing solutions will help you increase both revenue and visibility.

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Check Out Some of the Influencers We’ve Helped on Our Podcast’s “Hot Seat” Series

You get a lot of insight into our approach to content marketing, especially using podcasting as source content, on the “Hot Seat” series of our podcast, Next Up Nation. Here are some of the experienced podcasters we were able to help on the show.

The Digital Marketing Solutions Discovery and Implementation Timeline

Free Digital Marketing Strategies Call

Step 1: Quick Call

Let’s talk more about whether we’re a good fit for each other. We want to hear your goals and can share the digital marketing solutions that we offer. 30 Minutes – be ready to take action if it makes sense.

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Develop a Plan for Digital Marketing Solutions

Step 2: Strategic Plan

We work with your team to develop an Integrated Marketing and Sales Plan leveraging what is working, how much you want to grow, and your resources. 1 Full day of your time, plus usually 2 video calls. Total = 1-2 Weeks.

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Grow from the Digital Marketing Solutions in Place

Step 3: Sow and Grow

Depending on your team/time/budget vs. your ambition, you can go the DO IT YOURSELF, DONE WITH YOU, or DONE FOR YOU route (see details below). Ongoing for 1 year with monthly reporting and quarterly milestones.

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Our Podcast Guest Care Software Wows Our Guests – “You Made it Very, Very Easy”

Tom Schwab, Interview Valet

If you’re serious about your guests, show them (without breaking the bank or getting overwhelmed). They get confirmation emails, tips on how to look and sound great, how to get the most out of the promotional opportunity, notification when the show comes out, and a link to media that they can use. How does all this magic happen? ConvertDash with our PROVEN “Get the Best Guests on Auto-Pilot” system loaded onto it.

“It was great! Your intake portal is very very impressive really neat so before we even got to meet each other you gave me confidence that this was going to be professional. That this wasn’t going to be a waste of my time. I knew that you were serious about this.” – Ashley Chaney, Producer + Host + Speaker

The Best Digital Marketing Solutions to Fit Your Ambition + Budget

  • Full Sales + Marketing Software

Option 1: Do it Yourself

During the Strategic Planning Phase (Step 2), we help you determine how to implement a successful strategy. If you have more time than budget, we offer you software created to help you succeed and track your results. Value = $2,000+ per month for only $497 per month.

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  • Software + Core Content Creation

Option 2: Done With You

Avoid the cost and headaches of having your own show, but reap the rewards!! We’ll record two podcast interviews WITH YOU and publish them to Next Up Nation. We then write a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) post for each. 4-6 social media graphics are created for your team to post. This is a good optimization of time and budget. Podcast HostMaster on Auto-Pilot Software included. $2500 / month. 

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  • Full Scale Content Marketing Strategy

Option 3: Done for You

This is a full-scale content marketing service done for you. We help you produce 2 podcast episodes per month that turns into a YouTube video, social posts, and 4 blog posts. The strategy will follow the Strategic Plan set in Step 2 and be optimized for maximum return on investment.  Software included. The budget starts at $5,000 / month. 

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Launching my podcast with the Podcast Ignition System and Tiffany was such a huge help…. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her! I had no idea how much goes into creating and publishing a podcast strategically. You have to focus on creating an amazing guest experience, understand podcast structure, show art, production tools, training an assistant, and so much more. I’ll admit, I was a little overwhelmed even with her help so I can’t imagine what it’s like without someone who knows their stuff. If you’re thinking of launching a podcast and want to do it right…. Tiffany is your person!
Josh Jurkovich

Minister to Millions – Business of Ministry Podcast

Podcast Strategy Expert and Mentor Tiffany Youngren

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Digital Marketing Solutions Trusted by Up and Coming Podcasters

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FAQ’s / Question & Answer

What Digital Marketing Packages do You Offer?2022-01-18T22:34:46+00:00

Marketing Packages

There are Marketing Packages available based these TWO things:

  1. Your vision for growth. Are you STARTING (or feeling like you’re starting at square 1), SUSTAINING, or SCALING?
  2. Your resources. We help you develop a marketing plan to optimize your time, team, and budget for your ambition.

After your Marketing Strategy Plan and Setup, ongoing Marketing Solutions are available:

Monthly Marketing Automation for Starters (DIY):

  • Do-It-Yourself: We Provide Marketing Software and Guidance
  • Integrated Marketing Automation Software, Campaigns, and Sales Pipeline Management
  • Full Communication through the Software
  • Review Request System
  • Website Chat Bot
  • Companion App for Your Team to Manage on Their Smart Phones
  • A Plan and Ongoing Support for Your Team Member Implementing the Software
  • Monthly Reporting and Recommendations

Monthly Digital Marketing Packages for Scaling Businesses (DFY):

  • Done For You: We Assist in the Production of Podcasts, then Optimize and Promote Your Brand with a Full Marketing Program
  • Marketing Automation Software (See Above)
  • Full Done for You Services
  • 2 Produced Podcast Episodes per Month: You Interview Guests or We Interview You
  • 4 Blog Posts from Podcast Episodes, Optimized for Search and Lead Generation
  • 1 Transcript and YouTube Video from Each Podcast Episode
  • 20 Social Media Posts per Month Optimized to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Pages
  • 1 Monthly Email Newsletter to Your List

Ongoing Marketing Strategies for Sustaining Business Growth (DWY:

  • Done With You: Our Marketing Strategist Assists in the Production of Podcasts, Distribute the Show and Blog POsts, then Your Team Optimizes and Promote Your Brand with a Full Marketing Program
  • Marketing Automation Software (See Above)
  • 2 Produced Podcast Episodes
  • 4 Blog Posts from Podcast Episodes, Optimized for Search and Lead Generation
  • Your Team Can Use the Blog Posts and Podcast Recordings to Create and Post More Content
What Podcast Services Do You Offer?2022-01-18T22:39:06+00:00

Podcast Services

We have a proprietary podcast services software system specifically for podcasters to attract, book, and nurture podcast guests and to generate leads from the audience of your show’s listeners.

The Podcast HostMaster software is based on a proven podcasting system we’ve developed since 2017, and have replicated it for podcasters like you who want more from your show. The incredible technology that the podcast software is built on saves marketing teams over $1500 per month in multiple software programs we use to have to pay for separately!

Benefits of Our Podcast Services Software:

  • Increase revenue from partnerships with the right guests.
  • Generate leads from a growing podcast audience.

Read more about the Podcast HOSTMASTER Program and get a free demo.

Do You Provide Coaching or Training?2022-01-18T22:35:04+00:00

During the CHALLENGE: Tiffany Youngren does a Kick-Off training and personally answers questions every day through an online platform.

After the Challenge: We want your success, and we are here to help make that happen.

  1. Our customer service team can answer any questions about your platform, and there is an online support database.
  2. Tiffany posts a ton of advice and videos on the OMH Agency YouTube and social channels. Watch, learn, and ask questions 🙂
  3. Tiffany invites all podcasters in the OMH Agency circle to be part of her Social Audio Sessions. Watch for emails and online announcements to get special access as a co-moderator or to be “brought on stage” to ask questions.
  4. On occasion, Tiffany runs masterminds – watch for announcements.
  5. If you want more personalized, one-on-one help, you can request to join her Inner Circle (limited).
Are There Monthly Contracts?2021-07-26T21:35:19+00:00

Option 1: No contract – after paying for setup ($997 for Standard Setup plus Optional Customizations and Upgrades), then pay month to month at $497 / month.

Option 2: 1 Year Pre-Paid Commitment – you have access to the full platform for 1 full year for $5,964 – and Standard Setup is included!

Either way, you save more than $800 by piece-mealing individual software to do what ConvertDash does! Plus, you’ll save thousands on PR services to consistently attract and WOW the best podcast guests.

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