It’s 2017, and platforms for marketing are everywhere. But in a market so oversaturated with advertising, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Having a marketing campaign that stands out from the crowd is essential to make your business boom. Creative strategies and engaging visuals can help your company pop amongst the noise.

Using video and witty text will help to push yourself campaign out of its comfort zone and into the spotlight. An unusual approach is now considered a savvy one. This day in age, there is no room for old school marketing tactics.

Here is the ultimate guide for creating marketing that will make your business boom:

1. Get In Touch

There is no shame in borrowing from your competitors. Find out what ad strategies seem to be working for them, and of course, take note of what is not working. Learning from other’s mistakes can help you avoid costly trial and error problems when creating your campaign.

When building your site and marketing campaign, use your analytics tools to find out what is attracting traffic to your products. With analytics formulated to measure your inbound traffic, you’ll find out what tactics are worth your money and which aren’t.

Some of the ads with the biggest clicks have to do with what is currently popular in the world. Creating ads that touch upon what is on people’s minds and in their faces can draw large amounts of traffic to your business.

Getting in touch with what is effective and creative will give you great insight on how to spend your time and money. Using a service that can help you optimize your SEO placement by knowing what gets clicks will also be beneficial.

2. Get Social

Social media is the fastest growing tool in the world of advertising. Hiring a company who can help you create engaging social media campaigns is essential. Finding the perfect mix of catchy, bold and engaging design can be hard to do on your own.

Consistent and quality work on your social media platforms will bring in clients in large numbers. Once you have your message designed for the campaign, tailor it to every social media platform.

Make your Facebook campaigns shareable and easy to like with memes and gifs. Tailor your message with a short video clip that is entertaining to watch on Snapchat, and make posts on Instagram with beautiful photography and witty text

Using Facebook’s built-in analytics will also be a major help to your company. Facebook provides everything you need to know by simply clicking on the “insights” and “people” in your page navigation menu.

When it comes to Twitter, a very popular and effective way of advertising is through Twitter polls. They are an easy way to get feedback and also make your clients feel like you care what they think. Getting personal is always the best way to the heart of an audience.

3. Get Personal

Whether you have a spokesperson for your campaign or you use a logo that speaks for your brand, make sure it connects to your targeted audience on a personal level.

Using people with personal stories when it comes to experience with your brand can make all the difference. When an online browser can connect with an actual human through an ad or video, they are more likely to respond to it or inquire more about the brand.

If all people are seeing is logos and photos of products, they might disconnect. By connecting humans to humans, and inserting real people into whatever product you’re offering, you’ll be sure to give your clients a personal experience.

Recommendations from friends are still one of the most effective ways of advertising among consumers, so make your ads feel like a friend. Consider creating a persona for your brand that people can get to know.

4. Get Videos

Video ads are effective ads. Using short clips on all platforms to relay your message is not only entertaining for your viewer, it’s informative.

The amount of information you can pack in a video will give you a lot of bang for your buck. While print ads with words or photos are great options for creative marketing, videos are where it’s at.

By using a company who knows how to curate a great video spot with exciting cinematography and great set ups, you can create an unforgettable ad. Any brilliant site with a great opening video is sure to garner high traffic.

5. Get Timely with Creative Marketing

Even with great ads, when to use them is something marketers don’t always think about. Social media platforms have optimal hours for releasing content that instantly garners more attention and likes.

Posting your campaign with timely strategies will allow them to have the maximum effect possible. When it comes to videos, studies show that people are more receptive to video ads in the morning hours.

6. Get Smart

Funny and witty messages are memorable, which helps keep your brand at the forefront of a consumer’s mind. A consumer will often recall exactly which ad stuck with them for years as they continually see or shop with your brand.

However, that’s not to say that a serious and clear message isn’t also effective. A recent study shows that humans love extremes. Using ads that fall on both ends of the spectrum can be highly effective in converting passer-bys into actual clients.

Appealing to the subconscious of your consumers will make them remember your brand. Get through to your targeted audience with creative marketing that they won’t forget.

7. Get Edgy

A little edge is a wise thing to incorporate into your brand. It doesn’t have to be on an overt level. Sometimes by simply using an attractive face or a persona that pushes the boundaries behind your product, it can do wonders for sales and site traffic.

Humans are hard wired to take in sensual information. Ads with some edge, paired with creative marketing will often climb to the top of a consumer’s mind

Get Creative

Using these tactics and combining them together for the ultimate campaign strategy is sure to bring in the numbers you’ve been wanting for your business.

Getting smart, social, personal and sensual can help to make engaging and creative marketing for your company. If you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level of creativity, contact us today.

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