Tiffany Youngren, Marketing Strategist

Tiffany is a business development and marketing strategist who brings more than 25 years of experience running successful businesses, digital marketing expertise, podcast trailblazing, and building amazing relationships to help you reach your vision for your business.

Tiffany Youngren Podcast Marketing

Business is My Personal Life, and I Enjoy Meeting New People Every Week

Busy people make the best hosts. I’ve been hosting shows for years and have coached dozens of podcasters as clients and through our podcast.

I have made many friendships with the people I work and collaborate with. One of my favorite ways to welcome new people into my life is by interviewing them on my podcasts.

Uh – what just happened? Ok – you may have thought that I’m all about podcasting, but I have built a portfolio of assets and continue to create tools to help others do the same.

Duane Youngren

Duane is co-owner and helps with the operations of OMH Agency.

Miranda Lopez

Miranda is the Creative Assistant who helps with podcast production and promotion.

Virtual Team

We collaborate with other companies and freelancers to get the best people on board to make the magic happen.

What I Love More than Anything on Earth: My Family

If you came to this “About Us” page to meet me, here I am. 2 of my adult kids and their families live close, so we are blessed to see them all the time. We travel often to Los Angeles to see our daughter, son-in-law, and new grandbaby. I may know my stuff as a marketing strategist and business growth expert, but family is everything.

Podcaster and Marketer Tiffany Youngren

Marketing Automation to Grow Sales and Free You Up

Well-built marketing automation systems can not only do mundane tasks that will free your team up for the highest and best use of their time but marketing strategies that optimize automation provide the highest level of customer service. There is no better marketing than excellent customer service, and our software provides it.

Get Back the Time of a Half Time Worker

Get Back the Time of a 3/4 Time Worker

Get Back the Time of a Full Time Worker

“Done for You” options are available, but Amazing Violet allows you to keep your most important tasks in-house!