There is a trend among busy small business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and real estate agents that is concerning: ignoring the future. If you are busy and still investing your time and/or money in marketing, you probably are not aware of this dangerous trend. If you can relate to any of the ways to avoid doing the right things for your business, then you might want to consider disciplining yourself to follow a better marketing strategy.

Always remember this: a successful marketing strategy does not provide instant gratification! Give it at least 18 months to 2 years before even considering abandoning it. There is a trace chance (or less) that you even eventually decide to abandon it – most solid marketing plans work amazingly well when implemented consistently and given enough time to show results.

3 Ways to Avoid Doing the Right Stuff for Your Business

Tell yourself you’re too busy for marketing

You are busy. That is a fact. In the 24 hours you are given, there is no doubt that, if you say you’re busy, you are busy.

This is what you need to do: keep the main thing the main thing and put first thing first.

Your busy-ness may come from being distracted throughout the day and allowing the most important things run away from you. Don’t feel bad – a study in “New Scientist” published a report suggesting that people who are easily distracted may have “too much brain” (so it sounds like a compliment).

What you can do is create a prioritized list that is front and center of your life all day, every day. Keep it extremely simple, but don’t let yourself go off of it. As things come up to distract you, schedule them or organize them into your prioritized list so you can see how those disruptions will affect the rest of the important tasks in your life for the day.

Your marketing strategy should be HIGH on that priority list. All you really have to do is break that strategy into tasks, and schedule 2 or 3 things each day. Breaking it down and scheduling the tasks will be the easy part – disciplining yourself to do them will be a little more tricky.

Just don’t let yourself skip those important tasks.

We use spreadsheets to simplify and retain laser-sharp focus. While we also use common CRM and productivity programs, having a very simplified workspace that is open all day long, every day, turns the “wishing” for better results into an actionable reality. Click to get access to spreadsheets that are similar to those we use.

Don’t spend any of your “hot market” profits on marketing to build for the future.

If your day is jam packed with jobs that make you far more money than marketing, hire out your marketing! That marketing strategy is going to keep your business moving forward and will sustain it when the rest of your industry takes a hit.

The money you spend on marketing will be some of the best money you spend, if you are focused.

Continue to keep the main thing the main thing, and ensure that your marketing budget is spent consistent with your focus.

Repeat the Mantra “It’s Just Not That Important”

I have coached a number of business owners, real estate agents, investors, entrepreneurs, and non-profits. Believe me, I have heard this more times than I can count.

Believe me when I tell you: marketing is important. Investing your time and money is your business lifeline.

Finishing those daily tasks on an ongoing basis and hiring a trained professional (whom you don’t have to train, but only have to share your vision and target) to do the things you don’t get to will give you a peace you have been longing for.

If you are reading this and have stale items on your target list, you know the burden you carry. If you consistently carry out your marketing strategy and hire someone to do those tasks you hate or just can’t get to, you know the freedom of which I speak.

Tip: pull the trigger on getting it done sooner than later.

Consider a Much Better Marketing Strategy

What you do while you’re busy will pay you when your not.

During a hot market two things happen:

1. More professionals join the industry until it is beyond saturated, and

2. The market eventually slows down.

Do you relate to this?

Those who do the right things now are the only ones whose businesses will survive it all.

You basically have two strategy options:  Get free help/tutorials and spend more time on marketing, or hire someone else to do the things you just don’t have time to do.

1. Market for “Free”

You can spend hours, months, and years learning how to market, then take the time to market. If this is something you are interested in and committed to, we offer free tools, and so do hundreds (if not thousands) of other marketing gurus. Follow our blog, sign up for tips sent right to your email, and/or get a free marketing consultation.

2. Outsource Marketing.

Stop beating yourself up for letting another week go by without a blog post, current and sales-optimized email newsletter, or social media posts. I provide very targeted services that get the RIGHT things done consistently – and well. You don’t have to train us – you and our team work together to make sure your message goes out for the maximum results and best profits.

Featured image by Marco on Flickr and used under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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