Here are tools from our Social Media Workshop

Getting more attention on social media is getting more important all the time to brands who want to build their presence. Tiffany puts on social media workshops (psst: many are free).

Getting attention on social media is getting more important for growing brands. Click To Tweet

Here are social media resources put together for our Social Media Marketing Workshop at the OMH Agency Training Center. Boy, did time fly, but not before we covered a lot of ground.

Some of my favorite things about the workshop:

1. Talking with the group and getting an understanding of what is going on with the brands represented there.

2. Geeking out about social media.

3. Watching people work on the Target Audience worksheet we created.

4. Sending participants home with a 1-page list of actionable tips that even those new to social media could do.

A new window will open when you click the links below; some affiliate links are used on this page.

Editorial Calendar

  • Sample Editorial Calendar: Once you open it, click “File > Make a Copy” and save it to your own Google Drive so you can edit it.

Social Media Resources for Scheduled Posts

Free Images

Image, Video, and Audio Editing

Other Resources

  • Feedly: One way that Tiffany reads articles and stays up to date
  • Tiffany’s MasterMinds Podcast Episodes and links to actual podcasts on your favorite platform
  • take control of your shortened URLs
  • Libsyn: Syndicate your Podcast

Instagram Secret Weapon

  • MGlobal Social (a gal and her mom run this – OMH Agency contracts them, not affiliated)
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