An Integrated Marketing Agency takes a more “holistic” approach to streamline your message and the communication with your leads, prospects, and clients so you can

  1. Keep everyone with whom your company interacts happier.
  2. Increase the Customer Lifetime Value with better communication.
  3. Convert more Leads into Clients with a seamless approach.

So what is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated Marketing is, “An approach that influences transactions between an organization and its existing and potential customers, clients, and consumers by connecting all marketing channels. Integrated marketing is more of a marketing management approach than a different type of marketing.” – Oxford Reference

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In Other Words, Integrated Marketing Means More Money with Less Work

Nowadays, Consumers use a variety of channels from the internet to social media and email to learn more and find information about brands and their products. They also use these channels to compare different offerings to find the product that meets their unique needs and requirements.

What does this mean for businesses? Well, to market effectively, reach more customers, and sell more products, businesses need to invest in several marketing channels. If they don’t, their sales, and their bottom line, will suffer.

That’s where an integrated marketing agency comes in. These teams have the skills and expertise to help you create cohesive, engaging, and consistent marketing campaigns across all your marketing channels. The result is that you’ll generate more awareness around your brand, build stronger relationships with your audience, and generate more revenue.

But what is an integrated marketing agency and what do they do? More importantly, what are the benefits of using an integrated marketing team?  In this post, we’ll look at these questions in more detail. So, you’ll learn what integrated marketing companies are and how they can help you make more sales and generate more revenue.

Let’s Dig Deeper into the Concept of Integrated Marketing

Before looking at integrated marketing agencies in more detail, it’s important to understand what integrated marketing is. Generally, you’ll have several marketing approaches for every stage of the customer journey. In other words, you’ll use different marketing strategies, tools, and platforms to capture leads, nurture those leads, and close sales.

These strategies and platforms might include:

  • Digital marketing.
  • Content marketing.
  • Direct marketing.
  • Social media.
  • Traditional media.
  • Affiliates.
  • Influencers.

An integrated marketing approach allows you to consolidate all these strategies, which then allows you to take a holistic approach to marketing and deliver consistent messaging across all your marketing channels.

What Does an Integrated Marketing Agency Do?

Now that we’ve seen what integrated marketing is, it’s easier to understand what integrated marketing firms or agencies do. Simply put, they have the tools, skills, and expertise to combine all the different marketing channels into one cohesive and effective marketing approach.

So, while some marketing agencies, for instance, specialize in digital marketing and others in traditional media, integrated marketing agencies combine all these approaches to meet all their customers’ marketing needs and requirements. As a result, they’re able to generate maximum awareness about a brand or product and drive revenue for the business.

To do this, integrated marketing agencies typically have teams that have skills, expertise, and experience in many marketing approaches and strategies. These teams consist of:

  • Web designers.
  • Content and copywriters.
  • Graphic designers.
  • PR specialists and brand strategists.
  • Social media marketing experts.
  • Marketers

Keep in mind that these are just some of the professionals an integrated marketing agency might have on their team, and, depending on their offering, they might have more. The key, however, is that integrated marketing agencies know how to make all these disciplines work together to get the best results and drive more revenue.

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Streamline Your Marketing to Increase Sales

A Great Integrated Marketing Agency Doesn’t Stop at Messaging and Branding – Converting Sales is the Pursued Result!

The Benefits of Using an Integrated Marketing Approach

We’ve now seen what an integrated marketing approach is and how an integrated marketing agency can help you generate more sales and revenue. Let’s now consider some of the other benefits you’ll enjoy when you hire a firm to implement an integrated marketing approach in your business.


When you’re not using an integrated approach, your marketing efforts on different channels are typically managed by different people or marketing teams. As a result, these efforts are siloed, and it’s challenging to create cohesion in your strategy.

One of the major benefits of an integrated marketing approach is that it eliminates this problem. In other words, it allows you to consolidate all your marketing efforts. In turn, this allows you to create a consistent and cohesive approach to marketing. The benefit of this is that your marketing efforts will be based on consistent messaging that can engage more of your audience.

As a result, this approach successfully generates awareness about your brand or products.

Increased Efficiency

When your marketing campaigns are able to generate more awareness about your brand or product as mentioned earlier, be more engaging, and attract a larger audience, they’ll achieve more with less work. In other words, an integrated marketing approach increases the efficiency of your marketing processes.

An integrated marketing approach also further improves efficiency because it allows you to create a streamlined process for delivering relevant and consistent messaging to your audience. This means that your marketing team won’t waste time on marketing messaging and strategies that don’t work.


Simply put, integrated marketing approaches are more cost-effective because, as mentioned earlier, they’re more efficient and get better results. This means you’ll spend less to achieve more, which, in turn, allows you to get a better return on investment on your marketing spend.

It goes further than this, however. Integrated marketing agencies provide services in a range of marketing disciplines. As a result, you don’t need to hire different agencies to manage different parts of your marketing strategy. Understandably, this costs you less and makes your marketing processes easier to manage.


If there’s one thing certain in marketing, it’s that marketing trends change and evolve over time. As such, new trends will emerge and others will disappear. Also, market conditions and consumer needs and expectations evolve constantly. Combined, this means that how consumers consume marketing content and the platform where they do it will change.

Thus, in order to market more effectively and get the best results from your marketing efforts, it’s crucial that you’re able to adapt to these changes. Because an integrated marketing approach is based on marketing through a variety of channels, it allows you to do this effortlessly. As such, it makes your marketing initiatives more agile.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

As mentioned earlier, consumers nowadays use a variety of channels to consume content and do research, compare, and find out more about a specific brand or product. As a result, your marketing efforts should be aimed at all these channels in order to generate maximum awareness and grow your audience. In other words, you need to meet your customers where they are.

An integrated marketing approach, with its emphasis on implementing effective and cohesive marketing strategies across a range of platforms and channels, allows you to do this.

As such, when using an integrated marketing approach, you’ll have access to a larger audience and increased reach. This means the possibility of getting your products in front of the right people at the right time improves significantly.

New Ideas

Not being limited to one or two marketing channels means that you’ll have access to more innovative and new marketing ideas. An integrated marketing agency can thus help you develop and implement marketing campaigns based on trends, platforms, and strategies aimed at specific audiences.

This gives you more options and doesn’t limit your ability to reach your audience to generate more awareness and sales.

Skills and Expertise

Let’s face it, when you want something done, you’ll typically hire an expert to do it. For example, if you want to fix your roof, you’ll hire a roofing contractor. Why should it be any different when it comes to marketing?

Integrated marketing firms are the experts on all things marketing. They also have tools, platforms, and strategies to get you the best results. Simply put, they know what works and what doesn’t, so they’re able to develop the most effective marketing strategies for your business and its customers.


An effective and efficient marketing campaign on one channel is challenging to implement, especially if you don’t have the necessary marketing skills and background. Now, if you add more channels or platforms, the difficulty increases exponentially.

Integrated marketing agencies solve this problem by giving support not only in developing effective marketing campaigns but also in executing them. In turn, this saves you a lot of time and effort that you could rather use on running your business.

The Right Tools

Every marketing campaign you develop and implement requires a different set of tools. This poses two problems. For one, when doing it by yourself, you’ll need to learn how every tool works to get the best results. Also, consider the cost to acquire the tools.

When you use an integrated marketing company, you’ll have access to all these tools at a far lower cost. In addition, as mentioned earlier, you’ll have access to people with the skills and expertise to use these tools effectively.


When implementing marketing campaigns through several channels, you’ll gain access to a wealth of marketing data. In turn, this data gives you valuable insights into your audience, what parts of your strategy work best, and what type of marketing resonates most with your followers.

However, to get the most value from this data, you should know how to analyze and interpret it. Integrated marketing agencies have the ability to extract valuable insights from this data. These insights illustrate the strategies that effectively reach your audience and generate awareness of your brand or products.

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The Bottom Line

Nowadays, if you want to market as effectively and efficiently as possible, you should meet your customers where they are. In other words, you have to develop a cohesive and consistent integrated marketing strategy across several marketing channels. When you do, you’ll reach a wider audience, generate more awareness about your brand or product, and make more sales.

Hopefully, this post helped illustrate what an integrated marketing strategy is and what benefits it offers. To learn more about implementing an integrated marketing approach in your business, get in touch with us today. Our all-in-one sales and marketing platform, ConvertDash can help you grow your business and generate more revenue.

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