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We help busy, ambitious podcasters get more listeners and increase profits in 100 days with our mentorship, mastermind, and planning tools.

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Step 1: 100 Day Challenge

Join our Mastermind so we can walk you through the Podcast Strategy Blueprint. The 100 Day Challenge is to hit your first audience or profit growth target in 100 days. If you want it faster, start with our 60-Day Podcaster Bluprint Intensive.

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Step 2: Lead and Guest Conversion Dashboard

As you continue with the MasterMind, you can save time and stress by automating the process of converting your listeners into customers and guests into collaborators with our full-service dashboard, ConvertDash.

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Step 3: Processes for Better Promotion

The third piece of the Podcast Ignition System (POIS) is adding the Standard Operating Procedures checklists (SOP’s) to your tool kit to make massive promotion easy, consistent, and well-branded by delegating it.

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Tiffany Youngren

Podcasting Strategy Expert

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Lee-Anne Scott Fresh Cut Digital

“Working with you has really enabled me to have a podcast in a meaningful way, not just another place to do something. So you know, it really, I think if it wasn’t for the Podcast Ignition System, we probably wouldn’t have pursued it because there is just we just don’t know enough … We have someone to hold our hands.”

Lee-Anne Scott

Fresh Cut Digital

If We Aren’t Building Relationships, It’s Just Not Worth It

Whether building your audience or attracting customers, one thing remains the same: It’s all about the relationships.


The first things we work on are identifying Your PURPOSE and Audience PROMISE to build a strong foundation with listeners.

ConvertDash (Leads)


You meet people with your podcast you’re otherwise unlikely to get in front of. Our proprietary conversion platform predictably converts guests into collaborators and clients.

ConvertDash (Guests)

Your Team

As you outsource the promotional tasks of your show, written processes make it smooth, affordable, and less stressful.

Content Multiplication

FAQ’s / Question & Answer

What Services Do You Offer (and What are the Prices)?2021-06-11T22:03:34+00:00

We work with podcasters to develop a successful strategy that is easy to delegate, using our framework and templates to help hosts set up a consistent, predictable process to build a growing audience and make money at it to enhance the content (and doesn’t take away from it).

1. MENTORSHIP AND MASTERMIND: The first 100 Days are dedicated to mapping out your most optimized audience and profit growth, prioritizing things based on your goals, what’s already working for you, the time you have available (most podcasters are busy), and your budget. We call the first 100 days the POISed Podcaster Blueprint and Podcast Growth Challenge* – please bear with us whenever we abbreviate it different ways. $250 / month

* If you want to move through the blueprint faster, you can purchase the 60 DAY INTENSIVE ($2250, includes the first 2 months Mastermind subscription) and get personal assistance from Tiffany to make the process quicker and easier.

2. CONVERTDASH: This is our proprietary dashboard that makes it easy for you to convert more listeners into customers and guests into collaborators. It is usually added after some initial planning is done either through the Mastermind or fast-tracked with a POISed Blueprint 60-Day Intensive (optional add-on). $497 / month add-on

3. CONTENT MULTIPLICATION SOP’s: These are Standard Operating Prodedures checklists with videos and training built right in. These SOP’s make it easy for you to delegate promotional tasks through Content Multiplication. $297 / month add-on (includes one paid membership to our Process Street account for easy automation connections).

4. TIFFANY’S INNER CIRCLE: if you want on-demand, one-on-coaching, and quarterly meet-ups, this is for you. You get proximity and customized advice tailored for you. This is best if you interview potential clients on your show, have a Lifetime Customer Value of at least $20,000, and can invest an additional $3,500 per month into the production and promotion of your show. Tiffany will work with you to create a system to get 2-3 sales per month, even before you have a large audience. $1,500 / month (application and acceptance is required; this also includes the MasterMind)

When I Sign Up to Work with You, What is the Process?2021-06-11T21:56:09+00:00

When you sign up for the Mastermind and Mentoring (or the Podcast Blueprint 60 Day Intensive), which is the first step to working with us, the first thing you’ll do is have a 90 minute call with Tiffany to get the ball rolling. THEN:

1. 100 DAY CHALLENGE. You’ll receive the planning worksheets to work off of as you create your Podcaster Success Blueprint. The Mastermind meetings will help ensure you’ll have it complete and can produce your show in alignment with it in less than 100 days. As a result, you can hit at least one key goal by the end of the challenge. If you want to move through the blueprint faster, you can purchase the 60 DAY INTENSIVE ($2500) and get personal assistance from Tiffany to make the process quicker and easier.

2. WEEKLY MASTERMIND. At each week’s Mastermind Zoom video call, we’ll go through an aspect of each of the 4 P’s to hit your goals (your PURPOSE, the audience PROMISE, optimizing PROMOTION, and increasing PROFIT).

3. MOVE UP TO CONVERTDASH. There are specific things you should have in place before initiating this powerful dashboard, so we’ll give you the “green light” when those things are good to go. Then you can subscribe to the ConvertDash platform so you can turn listeners into customers and guests into collaborators at a much higher rate with a lot less work.

4. BEGIN MULTIPLYING CONTENT. Now that your Podcast production, promotion, and profit are on a consistent system (assuming you also have a blog for your show), it’s a great time to start turning each episode into pieces of microcontent and blasting it across the internet. This will grow your show even faster!

Do I HAVE to Attend the Mastermind Every Week? (I’m Busy)2021-06-11T22:10:47+00:00

YES!!! You can rest assured that you will be surrounded by busy people.

This is precious time devoted to your podcast. I promise you TWO things: 1) as a leader, I will be prepared each week, and 2) you will have time to ask questions specific to your podcast.

If you don’t show up, you’re going back to doing it how you’ve been doing it in the past, which brought you to us right now. 

I can’t make guarantees regarding earnings or the exact number of listeners you’ll get, but what I CAN guarantee is that you are LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE if you don’t optimize the amazing opportunities that your podcast has just waiting for you!

BLOCK OUT THE TIME for the Mastermind. It should be a top priority. We priced it very affordable to get as many ambitious and podcasters involved as possible, but take a risk in doing so because it could open the door to “no-shows.”

Keep in mind that, even though the Mastermind monthly investment is low, it is a gateway to tools you can’t get anywhere else and are proven to work. You can’t get ConvertDash, the Content Multiplication SOP’s, or even private coaching from Tiffany, without being a member of the POIS Mastermind.

What Day and Time is the Mastermind?2021-06-11T22:14:44+00:00

The weekly Mastermind is held on Mondays at 3:00 pm Mountain (2:00 pm Pacific / 5:00 pm Eastern, US). The first hour is a MUST, and Tiffany (or other leaders) will typically stay on the call for up to 2 hours to answer individual questions.

If you have a question and the leader doesn’t get to you, be sure to say so in the chat during the meeting and request to be first on the next call.

This meeting must be a priority for this to work for you. If you absolutely cannot make it at that time, please let us know.

What do We Talk About at the Mastermind Meetings?2021-06-11T22:18:34+00:00

There will be a mixture of formats throughout the weeks:

  • What’s Working Now Discussion
  • Wants and Needs
  • Wins and Struggles
  • Question and Answer
  • Training on one of the 4 P’s (identifying your PURPOSE, your audience PROMISE, optimizing PROMOTION, and increasing PROFIT).

We will also occasionally have opportunities to meet socially.

The leaders will plan the meetings according to who is participating and where they are on their journey to podcast preeminence and profit.

Are There Monthly Contracts?2021-06-03T22:30:56+00:00

Podcasting is hard work, and that work is made lighter with proper planning. However, success takes time. MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION: We recommend that you stick with the program for 6-12 months: you should see marked results in 6 months and impressive results in 12. With that said, you may cancel the monthly subscription at any time by sending an email to Once you do, your subscription is canceled at the end of the current billing cycle at the time of the request. INITIAL STRATEGY SESSIONS: You may cancel for a full refund before or within 24 hours after your first 90-minute session (otherwise, there are no refunds of the initial strategy sessions).

Who Will Help Me?2021-06-11T22:19:21+00:00

Tiffany Youngren is the Founder of OMH Agency and host of several podcasts. She is also slated to be featured on platforms such as Clubhouse’s ClubPod and the groundbreaking Fireside app. She spoke on Disruptive Recruiting with Podcasts at Digital Marketer’s Partner Training Day and was featured as a guest on a selective choice of podcasts.

Tiffany and her team will be helping you along the way.

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