Give us 90 days, and we’ll help you map a path to more loyal listeners and a profitable podcast.

Level 1: Podcast Ignition Access

We’ll help you map out the next 30, 90, 180, and 365 days for a path to profit and a growing audience while doing what you love. Without profit and listeners, you’ll end up where 3 out of 5 podcasters go: pod fade. The first 90 days are pivotal, at which time we have an Access Review to determine your next steps to success. $197 / month.

Level 2: Influencer Pro Package

Actively Convert Listeners and Guests into Clients and Collaborators in 90 Days with both ConvertDash to the Podcast Ignition Access. We load the ConvertDash Profit Center up with everything you need to convert listeners and guests into clients and collaborators, and it can replace and save you almost $900 per month worth of your 3rd party software subscriptions! $694 / month + $900 setup (setup fee is waived if 1 year is paid in advance)

Level 3: Influencer Domination Package

Crushing it for More Listeners and Faster ROI with Show Promotion and the Profit Center. Grow your podcast audience in 60 days with content re-purposing and distribution. Plus, monetize your show in 90 days by systematically turning listeners and guests into clients and collaborators with the ConvertDash Platform.  $1297 / month + $900 setup (setup fee is waived if 1 year is paid in advance)

Tiffany Youngren

Podcasting Strategy Expert

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Lee-Anne Scott Fresh Cut Digital

“Working with you has really enabled me to have a podcast in a meaningful way, not just another place to do something. So you know, it really, I think if it wasn’t for the Podcast Ignition System, we probably wouldn’t have pursued it because there is just we just don’t know enough … We have someone to hold our hands.”

Lee-Anne Scott

Fresh Cut Digital

Breakdown of the 3 Levels:

If you’re not already monetizing, or afraid to because you don’t want to hurt the show, you are missing out. And, if you have a great show, you’re really hurting the listeners who aren’t finding you. Furthermore, if this speaks to you – you’re the kind of podcaster we love working with.

Access Level

Level Up in 90 Days: Get Organized and Confident Enough to go to Emerging or Pro Influencer Level

  • Twice Monthly Group Coaching
  • Weekly MasterMind Chat and Daily Accountability Option
  • 90 Days to Multi-Channel Readiness
  • Centralized Content Templates for High Quality, Consistent Growth
  • Quarterly Goal Tracking for 30, 90, 180, and 365 Days
  • 90 Day Access Review: Either Party Can Cancel at this Time

Just $197 Monthly

Pro Influencer

  • Everything in the Access Level, PLUS:

Monetize Your Show in 90 Days by Turning Listeners and Guests into Clients and Collaborators.

  • ConvertDash Platform
  • Guest Prospecting / Outreach
  • Guest Episode Release Follow Up
  • Convert Listeners to Clients Marketing and Sales Pipeline
  • Guest to Client and Collaborator Conversion Pipeline
  • Listener Lead Capture Funnel
  • Email Nurture Campaigns and Automation
  • Episode Newsletter Template

YOU COULD SAVE WELL OVER $860 EVERY MONTH (More than $10,320 per year – plus features rarely found anywhere else) if you convert your sales and marketing software to ConvertDash. Book a consultation and we can talk more about this.

Influencer Domination

  • Everything in the Access Level
  • Everything in the Pro Level, PLUS:

PLUS CONTENT MULTIPLICATION from our partners at Social Chameleon and DISTRIBUTION from OMH Agency

  • Equipment Setup and Review
  • Recording Tutorial
  • Cover Art
  • Episode Title
  • Show Notes
  • 20 Unique Tags Per Episode
  • Fully Produced Audio
  • Managed Distribution
  • Shared Production Schedule
  • Full-Length Video Episodes Edited and Uploaded to YouTube
  • Promo Videos with Subtitles
  • Promo Videos Formatted for IGTV, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Customized Overlays for Full-Length Videos
  • Thumbnails for YouTube, IGTV, FB Ads
  • Quote Graphics for Social Posts
  • Time Stamps
  • DISTRIBUTION OF THE MEDIA on the social you’re set up on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn Business Page, Twitter, Google My Business (GMB)

FAQ’s / Question & Answer

What Digital Marketing Packages do You Offer?2022-03-28T23:59:17+00:00

Marketing Packages

CRM + Automation for Integrated Marketing and Sales (ConvertDash)

There are 3 Levels:

  • Starter: Meetup / Events on Autopilot + Funnel Templates for Leaders
  • Professional: Everything in Starter + Advanced Pages and Automations
  • Scale+: Full use of the Entire Platform + Access to Add Funnels and Automations Specific to YOUR Industry!

Every Level Gets Amazing Access:

  • An App to make Phone Calls and Texts from the Company Number
  • Facebook and Instagram Messenger Integration
  • Booking System
  • Funnel Builder
  • Email Marketing
  • Text Marketing

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Strategy Mapping and Advising

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Podcast Services

  • Coaching: $550 / Month
  • Coaching + Weekly Podcast Marketing: $2500 / Month

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What Podcast Services Do You Offer?2022-03-28T23:55:36+00:00

Podcast Services

Set up a call with our team if you’d like any of our Podcast Host OR Guest Services.

Podcast HostMaster for Podcasters(built on ConvertDash)

  • Setup Cost Varies
  • Pay $497 / month for Scale+
  • If You Already Subscribe to ConvertDash Scale+, Your Monthly Cost Stays the Same!

Podcast GuestMaster for Guests on Other People’s Shows (built on ConvertDash)

  • Setup Cost Varies
  • Pay $497 / month for Scale+
  • If You Already Subscribe to ConvertDash Scale+, Your Monthly Cost Stays the Same!

Coaching / Consulting

  • Starts at $550/month

Coaching / Consulting PLUS Weekly Content Marketing

  • $2500 / month Includes Standard Coaching Program
Do You Provide Coaching or Training?2022-03-29T00:02:43+00:00

Coaching and Training

We provide ConvertDash training via video and a 24-hour helpdesk is provided.

Strategy Coaching / Advising / Mapping services are available.

Book a consultation to get all of your questions answered.

Are There Monthly Contracts?2022-03-29T00:05:28+00:00

No Monthly Contracts

You are not locked into a monthly contract.

You DO have the option to save money and pay for the year in full.

Whether you pay monthly or annually, you can cancel at the end of the period of time for which you are paid up.